Welcome and thank you for starting at Square One.  We are a Black Owned, Woman Operated animal care business that is currently servicing the DMV area with affordable, eco-friendly, and quality Boarding, Daycare, and Grooming services. We have been a part time business for the last three years, but now we are ready to provide services for our furry family full time. We aspire to share our values in life with our clients to make the world a better place for EVERYONE in it. As well as become a one-stop shop for ALL animal care needs, which includes becoming a nonprofit Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Re-home center and with your help all will be possible. We want to SOAR over competitors and provide the utmost quality and efficient service you and your companion deserve at their home away from home. We appreciate your consideration, support, and trust. So SOAR with us, make a difference, and have a great day!... but first start at Square One. 


Lead with humanity. In other words, EVERYONE and EVERYTHING needs to be treated with care, dignity, and respect. Because, starting at Square One can make the world a better place for ALL!


Being an affordable, personable, and reliable one stop animal care shop for animal lovers and owners will ensure, to those that chose us, loyalty, laughter, and love. With this we can restore the human race and start to live in peace as ONE.









Speak to one another

Keep an Open mind

Accept accountability and hold others accountable

Be Reasonable, Respectful, and Responsible.